As part of its partnership with Union nationale du sport scolaire (UNSS) on youth education through the DéFit’ project, EHLA France, which relays the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk’s messages on prevention and lifestyle to the French population, accepted the invitation of Nicolas Batum and his club, the Charlotte Hornets, to team up to carry the message: “Eat well, drink well, move”.

A special activity allowed three high school students from Bobigny to discuss the importance of healthy eating habits with Nicolas Batum and his chef who prepared a meal and explained the importance to favour nutritional quality over quantity and good hydration with water, essential elements of performance as confirmed by Nicolas.

EHLA France thanks Nicolas Batum for his endorsement and commitment to its educational activities. Mr. Batum is convinced of the importance of our organization in the fight against chronic societal diseases.

This was the first in a series of educational programs for young people and adults as part of the primary prevention of chronic societal diseases.