Scientific information

The European Healthy Lifestyle Alliance bases its science on its founding father, the International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk (ICCR).

The ICCR is composed of two councils: an Executive Council and a Scientific Council.

The Executive Council includes  Jean-Pierre Després, Philip Barter, Bryan Brewer,  Frank B. Hu, Peter Libby and Jean-Claude Coubard.

The Scientific Council includes Christie Ballantyne, Juliana Chan, Nick Wareham, Vincenzo Di Marzo, Edward Horton, Michael Jensen, Ronald Krauss, George Kunos, Yuji Matsuzawa, Richard Nesto, Jorge Plutzky, Paul Poirier, Robert Ross, Luis Ruilope, Arya Sharma, Ulf Smith, Gabriel Steg, Marja-Riitta Taskinen, and Luc Van Gaal.

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